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Birthdate:Jun 15
Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
NAME: Kaitlyn or Kab;
AGE: 22;
HOUSE: Hufflepuff (& a good bit of Ravenclaw);

I'm Kaitlyn, but lots of people (especially on the internet) call me Kab. Some people can get away with calling me Kait, but not Kaitie. I'm also known as Sunny S. Bowen, Aerie Baudealaire, Jean, Chrysanthemum Ciny-Lu Ewa, Rio, Darnigold Mountcalm, Kit, Coraline, Rora Love Benjamin Cullen Row Aklaflock-Ortega, Serephina Shattenjager, and Ailyn Kabira among others.

I believe in magic. I love old things and books and people who smile at the rain. I adore writing, swimming, and exploring new places. I like kid's stories that teach things that are too hard for grown-ups to understand. I love babies and animals and the rain. I like dusty books and Latin and scribbled words and passionate people. I like all-inclusive feminism. I like body positivity. I like religious freedom and LGBTQIPA* rights. I love people who don't ignore any of those letters. I love going to the beach and to the mountains. I have almost perfected making Earl Grey tea. I want to go to the Cliffs of Dover and to Scotland more than almost anything. My dream is to walk into my favourite bookstore and see my book on the shelves.

I'm currently 22; I was born in and still live in San Antonio, Texas, with my parents, one of my sisters, one of my nieces, one of my nephews, two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. I work at Barnes and Noble, which is my secondary dream job [after being a published author]. I'm a (very slowly) practicing witch.

I’m a proud Aspie, and I have generalised anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder, depression, depersonalization-realization disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and BPD. I’m pansexual and demisexual (possibly bordering on asexual/auto-sexual, maybe; I’m still figuring that stuff out). I identify as genderfluid. My pronouns are she/her or they/them, but any are fine, to be honest. I live a Bruce Banner and Sunny Baudelaire appreciation life. I’m a Hufflepuff, an introvert, an INFP. I’ve practically raised two children. I’ve done some illegal things. I informally dropped out of high school. I have self harmed. I've been seriously suicidal. I don’t think I would be alive if it weren’t for fanfiction. I’ve been on a cruise to Mexico alone when I was 14. I’ve swam with dolphins both in the wild and at a reserve. I think artichoke is the best vegetable there is. I’m trying hard to finish a book. I’ve been in love in an unstable and frankly illegal relationship. I’ve gotten close to it again in a stable, normal relationship. I’m single right now. I feel like, I don’t know…like I live in both a dream world and in the present time without missing a beat in either, or at least I try to.

She’s got both feet on the ground
And she's burning it down
She’s got her head in the clouds
And she's not backing down

Welcome to my slice of the solar system.

[I’m actually not a very serious person, don’t let this fool you]
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